Northern Woodpecker

Took a little time off this weekend to check in at the lake house.  In spite of the cold weather we did have a little bit of a warming spell and I had an opportunity to observe some bird activity on the property adjacent to ours.  I watched as this Northern Woodpecker was feasting away on a large tree stump high above the brush line.  The challenge for me was trying to get into position where the brush and tree branches were not blocking my field of view.  It took a lot of patience and finding the right spot as the bird climbed more towards the top of the tree.  I wasn’t after a quick snap but to capture the bird doing something interesting as he chopped away looking for his meal.  After several clicks I could see him turn towards me and give me a nice profile shot.  When I looked at the image on my computer, I could see the white spot in his eye.  A great eye catch from the sun.  When photographing wildlife, the eyes have it.  They must be sharp and a glint from the sun is usually the icing on the cake.  For more of my bird photographs, click on the galleries menu and go to my Avian Gallery.  As always, comments are welcomed.  Enjoy!

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