Shark Valley

Green Heron

This morning, as expected, the rains came to South Florida.  The weather Dudes predicted it beginning in early morning and clearing in the afternoon.  I checked the path of the band of rain showers and saw that the area in the Everglades which is great for bird photography, would not see the rain until the afternoon.  I was out into the rain early and arrived at Shark Valley just as they were opening the visitor center.  I was able to shoot for a couple of hours until the sun was too high in the sky to one side, and the rain clouds were growing on the other.  I found limited activity but was able to photograph several species of birds and their activity along the water line next to the main drive.  I watched this Green Heron for quite sometime hoping to see him go fishing.  He seemed ever vigilant but never seemed to get anything to eat. He was quite beautiful to see and interesting to watch.  The rains started to spit and I dashed to the car and made it to the main road before the skies opened up.  My estimate of the rain took a rainy day in Naples, Florida and turned it into a great photography opportunity in Shark Valley.  Enjoy!

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