Horse Ranch

After our morning shoot at Schwabacher’s Landing, we were heading back towards Jackson Hole when we came upon this Horse Ranch nestled in the foothills of the mountains.  A quick stop and a quick click and we have another memory of our time in the Grand Tetons.  Not every shot needs to be a masterpiece.  […]

Moose Hunt

I am back to the great State of Ohio after my recent trip out west to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.  In addition to a few sunrise and sunset pictures, we found many wildlife photo opportunities. Over 13 Moose sightings in our travels throughout the parks.  When driving and looking for wildlife, […]

Last Man Standing

I have been working in the Grand Tetons for the past few days, additional posts to come.  Each of the first three nights of watching and waiting for a great sunset, we were left with an empty SD card and nothing to show for our efforts.  Last night, all that changed.  We were standing at […]

Tetons Day 2

Our evening sunset shoot was a bust last night.  In addition, our morning sunrise shoot was problematic but I should find a few images to post later.  The fun really got started when we took a trip down Moose Wilson rd. on our way back to Jackson Hole.  You know when things get crazy when […]

Scwabacher Landing

This morning at 0 dark 30 found us traveling to Scwabacher Landing in the Grand Teton Mountain Range.  Our goal was a sunrise shoot with the Tetons in the Background.  Our arrival surprised us as we were not alone.  Many other photographers were scrambling to find the best location for the shoot.  We watched as […]

Grand Tetons

This week will mark my second excursion to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  Staying in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we will have access to many different photo opportunities.  Beginning with the Tetons and its many landscape views, searching for many wildlife that populate the area, followed with a brief trip up to Yellowstone National Park.  The […]

Spirit Bears of British Columbia

One of things that I found in my travels is the fact that you come across some interesting people.  Whether they are students, Workshop Leaders, or just people in the area, they can be entertaining and fun to be with.  Back in 2009 I was traveling with a few of my friends from across the […]

Black and White

Often times many images that I capture in color look even better or enhanced finished in Black and White.  A throw back to the days of Tri X film and processing the roll in my basement.  Certainly times have changed and there are many ways to take a color image and move it over to […]

Eagles Gallery

I recently updated my Eagles Gallery on my website and made it one of the featured galleries for the month of March.  The images in this gallery were taken on a trip to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.  Many of these flight photos were taken from a moving boat. The challenge was hand holding a […]

Avian Gallery Update

It is still cold and rainy here in Northwest Ohio.  We have been experiencing temperatures in the 50s but another cold snap is on the way.  I have a few choices of things to do today.  Shooting in the rain is not one of them.  I do have rain gear and have photographed in the […]

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