Tricolored Heron

Tri Color Heron

This is another image from my recent trip to Shark Valley here in South Florida.  It was only one of a few birds that were active near the Visitor’s Center.  However, it stayed quite a while on the trunk of this tree.  I was hoping for a fishing expedition, but the heron found an area behind the shrubs to fish and was well out of my viewfinder.  There were other birds there for me to see similar to my last post of a green heron.  I will continue to search for more photo opportunities while here in Florida since beach time is limited do to colder weather than expected.  I listed  this as a Tricolored Heron.  I believe that is the case but if one of my Birding friends would tell me otherwise, I would appreciate your comments. Enjoy!

Shark Valley

Green Heron

This morning, as expected, the rains came to South Florida.  The weather Dudes predicted it beginning in early morning and clearing in the afternoon.  I checked the path of the band of rain showers and saw that the area in the Everglades which is great for bird photography, would not see the rain until the afternoon.  I was out into the rain early and arrived at Shark Valley just as they were opening the visitor center.  I was able to shoot for a couple of hours until the sun was too high in the sky to one side, and the rain clouds were growing on the other.  I found limited activity but was able to photograph several species of birds and their activity along the water line next to the main drive.  I watched this Green Heron for quite sometime hoping to see him go fishing.  He seemed ever vigilant but never seemed to get anything to eat. He was quite beautiful to see and interesting to watch.  The rains started to spit and I dashed to the car and made it to the main road before the skies opened up.  My estimate of the rain took a rainy day in Naples, Florida and turned it into a great photography opportunity in Shark Valley.  Enjoy!

Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge

A cold and windy day here in South Florida.  It was rainy and windy this morning so no beach time today.  We took a quick drive out to Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  January, February, and March are the best months for Bird photography in South Florida.  One of my favorite places is Ding Darling.  I took a chance and drove through the refuge.  The wind seemed to keep most of the birds away from the water’s edge in the refuge, but a few birds were working the trees along the 4+ mile drive through the park.  This Egret was searching for food along the roadway.  We stopped for a few minutes and saw him get a small bite to eat.  I broke out my gear and waited for the right moment.  I watched his behavior  for a little while to see if I could anticipate his habits when he found food.  Patience paid off and a few great captures of an Egret eating his lunch were accomplished.  Enjoy!

Naples Pier Revisited!

Naples Pier

Sunsets usually provide great photo opportunities.  Not only can you catch the sun as it sets on the horizon, but before and after shots are very colorful as well.  While a lot of photographers are packing up their gear after the sun has set, I’m still tripping my shutter and making some great images.  The above image was a one shot capture using the pier as a an anchor while keeping the setting sun along the horizon.  These type of photos are fun, however working around the people on the pier is always a challenge.  Enjoy!

Naples Pier, South Florida

Naples Pier Sunset

Since I am getting a little R and R here in South Florida, we decided to check out the sunset at the Naples Pier.  It was quite crowded and getting the best photo was difficult as most younger revelers refused to pay attention to the bald guy with a camera and kept waking into my picture.  As with anything else we do as nature and wildlife photographers, patience is a virtue.  Wait for the right time, the right composition and the right moment to click the shutter.  I captured a few good images despite the challenges I faced with a crowded beach front.  This image is made using High Dynamic Range techniques in post processing b y merging three photos at three different exposures.  It is fun to play with the light after the shutter clicks and this image seemed to work for me.  Enjoy!

South Florida

Tomorrow, my wife and I are setting out for a couple of weeks in South Florida. In addition to a little fun in the sun and an escape from the recent snow here in Northwest Ohio, I plan on doing a little bird photography. South Florida during the months of January, February and March is a great place if you want to photographs some exciting birds. Egrets, Herons, Pelicans, and wood storks just to name a few. Some of the bird types, like herons, come in many different colors. From the coast of Florida to the Everglades, there are many grea locations and I hope to hit a few before we have to head back home in a few weeks. I will have internet service so watch the pages of my Blog and Web Site for some of the postings from my trip. Enjoy!

Lake Nukuru

I have migrated my web site to a new platform that allows me better presentations on mobile devices.  After several years hosting on another platform, the usage on mobil platforms has grown to be one of the primary ways where people can access my work.  So, you can still follow me here on as you have in the past.  Only now you can use your tablets and smart phones to reach out to me any where you have coverage!  Since I chose to change hosting sites I seized the opportunity to redesign my site and make it easier to access no matter where you are and what device you are using.  I think it turned out pretty well and I now have even more control over the design and the content.  Please feel free to comment, drop me a note, or share this post through your Social Media pages and contacts.

This image was one of the first that I was able to capture while traveling through Lake Nukuru in Kenya.  We were on our way to spend time in the Masai Mara and stopped along the way to watch a group of Baboons as they frolicked among the trees along side the lake. Enjoy!

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