Grand Tetons

This week will mark my second excursion to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  Staying in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we will have access to many different photo opportunities.  Beginning with the Tetons and its many landscape views, searching for many wildlife that populate the area, followed with a brief trip up to Yellowstone National Park.  The above image is of Oxbow Bend.  A great area for both a morning or evening shoot.  This image was captured during my first trip and we were here during the month of June.  This year, we hope to capture some of the fall colors that have started to show themselves here in the mountains of Wyoming.  Having been here in the past, we are searching for new venues, new approaches to some of the iconic areas, and some of the wildlife that is  more prevalent during the later months as the cold weather up in the mountains tends to move the wildlife here down to more warmer areas.

I will have access to my website this week so watch for my updates in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Enjoy!

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