Last Man Standing

I have been working in the Grand Tetons for the past few days, additional posts to come.  Each of the first three nights of watching and waiting for a great sunset, we were left with an empty SD card and nothing to show for our efforts.  Last night, all that changed.  We were standing at the Blacktail Ponds Overlook because the previous  night we were entertained by a few Moose and a red fox.  There were no wildlife sightings and many of the people who shared the space with us packed up their gear and left.  One could say we were intrepid photographers waiting for the last gasp of sunlight to leave us stranded.

We were the last ones watching as we entered twilight.  All of a sudden, there was a pinkish glow around the tops of the Tetons.  As the sun continued to set the colors became more vibrant.  We grabbed our cameras and went to work.  Shortly after the sunlight went out totally and the color was gone.  We stood at the overlook and knew we had seen a magical moment.  Being the “last man standing” while the light of the setting sun danced across the September Skies was a great experience and the above image is one of many captured in the last light of day. Enjoy!

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