Scwabacher Landing

This morning at 0 dark 30 found us traveling to Scwabacher Landing in the Grand Teton Mountain Range.  Our goal was a sunrise shoot with the Tetons in the Background.  Our arrival surprised us as we were not alone.  Many other photographers were scrambling to find the best location for the shoot.  We watched as others selected their positions and we went for ours closer to the water’s edge.  Our thought was to use the water in front as our foreground, the reflection of the mountains and the foliage as our middle ground and the  Mountains for our Background.  Having these three components working together makes for a great composition.  We only had to wait for the sun to arrive about an hour later for the magic to appear and help us make a great photograph.

Our previous night we traveled to the Mormon Row Barns for a sunset shoot.  The clouds were non existent.  If you don’t have any clouds, you seldom get good color.  Although we captured a few images, nothing special was going on so we packed it in for a late dinner and then off bed for a 5:30 am wake up call.  Enjoy!

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