Story behind the Bridge

This is one of my recent images from Vermont.  Called the AM Foster Bridge, it actually is located in a field.  Apparently at one time there was a road through this portion of the property.  We made two stops to see this covered bridge in Cabot, Vermont.  The light on the bridge during our first visit was fabulous.  It was a quiet evening and allowed us to move around the bridge capturing many different aspects of the fall colors around it.  Our second visit was later in the evening as we had an idea for a sunset image on the backside of the bridge that had a great refection in the water.  However, this visit became a little challenging as this location is often times used for Senior, Engagement, and wedding pictures.  Several portrait photographers were in and around the bridge with their clients and made it difficult to capture images without people standing in the way.  We did our best not to ruin the clients photos and were able to work around them for the evening.  The sunset image we were looking for did not appear but we enjoyed our last visit to the am Foster bridge.  Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Comments are always welcome.  Enjoy!

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March 2023