Nest Building

Earlier this week I stopped at a few places near Lake Erie’s shoreline checking on the bird migration soon to arrive here in Northwest Ohio.  The birds were a little sparse as yet.  A few ducks were in the waters by the road.  A great Blue Heron was basking in the sun near the Ottawa Wildlife Refuge.  But the one thing that caught my eye while I was walking the boardwalk was a simple robin that was building her nest.  Robin’s are quite plentiful around here and even in my own backyard.  We have a tendency to search for the unusual capture.  The birds we don’t see everyday or special events that seem to be more dramatic than your everyday experience.  This image of a Robin attracted me because I could see that she had something in her mouth.  I walked slowly up to the area where she was sitting and was able to capture this moment of rest while she was apparently building a nest nearby. A simple click and I registered a nice portrait of a bird that we see everyday.  Enjoy!

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