24 Days and Counting!

24 days and counting until the Biggest Week in American Birding kicks off in Northwest Ohio.  I took a chance last weekend and traveled to Magee Marsh along the coast of Lake Erie to see if any of the migratory birds had arrived.  I wasn’t alone on the Boardwalk but the birds were few and far between.  On my way back to the Boardwalk I observed many different species of ducks and other waterfowl.  I also noticed as I hit the parking area one of the local Eagles were out of their nest and up into the trees near the first opening on the boardwalk.  I parked and walked from one end to the other in search of any photographs.  It wasn’t until I arrived at the location of the Eagle when I struck gold.  The Eagle was still on his perch near the water towards the first opening.  There was only one other photographer in the area and we watched for quite a while as the Eagle was looking for something to eat or to bring back to the nest.  I was able to capture many images of this magnificent bird as he was ever watchful from his perch.

There are usually two or more pairs of Eagles along this area of the coastal waters of Lake Erie.  The nesting areas are well protected by the park and access is limited.  Thankfully my long lens combination helped me get up close and personal with this bird and I brought home quite a few keepers.  Enjoy!

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June 2020