It has been a while since my last post.  The pandemic has had an impact on our lives that we did not anticipate.  My photo opportunities have certainly been curtailed and when I tested positive for the Virus in early November, we were quarantined until early December where we traveled to South Florida to try to get away from the confines of our home up north.  South Florida has many photo opps.  From the many birding sites to magnificent sunrises, I have quite a few images to post.  This first image, recently posted to my website, is of a pair of Pelicans at Ding Darling wildlife refuge.  As we drove through the refuge it started to rain quite heavily.  I spotted a cluster of birds in one of the ponds located in the refuge.  I thought the drive was going to be a waste because of the weather, but as we exited the refuge the rain stopped and the sun was sneaking out form behind the clouds.  We opted for a second trip back through and found great photo opps until the sun popped out totally and cast a harsh light on our subjects.  This demonstrates the need for patience as a nature and wildlife photographer as you never know when the weather will cooperate and give you that golden light we always look for in the late afternoon. Enjoy!

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January 2022