Back to the World!

It has been over a year since my last post and what a year it was.  The pandemic limited my travels to capture new images for my portfolio and just when I thought the worst was over, I received news that I had cancer.  So after several treatments and eventual surgery I am on the mend and getting back to the world once again.  Recently we relocated to our Lake home in Hillsdale county Michigan.  The lake has a small population of shore birds, swans, an eagle and sometimes an Osprey.  Last evening we were finishing up our meal when my wife spotted two birds across the lake.  We jumped on the pontoon and headed out onto the lake using caution as to not bother them.  As we got closer I realized there were two great egrets on the lake.  I had not seen them this year so far so they are a new addition.  as we cruised nearby I was able to capture many images of these magnificent birds.  This is one of my favorites as I was able to capture the image in flight.  A new camera with bird ID focusing helped me to get a sharp image as you can see.  New technology and a great spotter, my wife, and I am back at it.  Please stop by as I add more of my images on this blog.

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March 2023