Behind the Image: Lake Nakuru

This is my second post regarding the story behind the image.  As a photographer we struggle to capture an image that tells a story so the viewer can understand what is was that we saw when we tripped the shutter.  A few years ago I was traveling to the Masai Mara to photograph wildlife with a special target of the Widebeast migration, one of the many wonders of the world. On the way, our guides took us through Lake Nakuru in Kenya.  We came upon a large group of Baboons and we stopped to, observe their interactions.  They seemed oblivious to our presence and gave us a lot of time to capture some images of these interesting creatures.  We were shooting from inside a land rover where the top opened up allowing us great access to the wildlife in the area.  Our guides were very diligent in watching for any trouble in case we needed to move fast.  This particular image was one of the first captures of the trip and has always been in my portfolio.  It appeared that this guy was one of the elders of the tribe as he patiently sat in this tree watching the younger ones frolic in woods near the lake.  Since Lake Nakuru was our first stop on our 6 hour drive from Nairobi to our camps in the Masai Mara, it turned out to be the kick off of a great week witnessing the lives of the inhabitants in the environment here near the border between Kenya and Tanzania.  Enjoy!.

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March 2023