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In my recent posts about the birds in Magee Marsh Wildlife preserve, you have seen many images from an area that is part of the Great Black Swamp here in Northwest Ohio. The Black Swamp Conservancy has worked on many projects to highlight this area and the environment surrounding it. The wetlands is part of a area of consisting of farm land and other aspects of the Black Swamp that covers approximately 15,000 square miles. There are more than just birds and other waterfowl to see along the wetlands area. While searching for my Eagle shot the other day I came upon this rascal in the waterways along the Magee Marsh Boardwalk. I’m thinking this is a beaver. There are many different mammals found in the Great Black Swamp. Muskrat, mink, beaver, rabbits, and otters just to name a few.

If you are planning to attend The Biggest Week in American Birding coming up this May from the 3rd through the 12th, stop in to the Black Swamp Conservancy areas and speak to the many people that will be there to assist your experience. Also remeber that there are moe than just birds to be seen in the Black Swamp so don’t just look up for the birds but down into the wetlands to find other interesting wildlife among the habitat that is the Great Black Swamp. Enjoy!

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