Blue Winged Teal

My trip to the Marsh last weekend allowed me some time to spend with several species of water fowl located along the drive back to the lake.  Mallards, Northern Shovelers, and Pied Billed Grebes were plentiful.  I was watching from the shelter of my SUV and was able to shoot from there which gave me a little protection from spooking the birds while they plied the waters looking for food.  The above image is a male Blue Winged Teal.  he was searching for food alongside his mate oblivious to all the traffic that was moving alongside the road.  The countdown continues with only 19 days before the Biggest Week in American Birding here in Northwest Ohio.  even though the migration has yet to begin, there are still many opportunities to hone my skills with my long lenses and camera techniques needed to capture the best bird images of the spring season.  Practice makes perfect regardless as to which camera system you choose.  Just be aware that when the activities in the Marsh get started, swift action is required and taking time to learn your camera’s capabilities on the fly will produce more disappointment than success.  19 days and counting, get your gear ready and join me for the Biggest Week next month.  Enjoy!

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