Early Morning Visit

I woke up early yesterday morning and noticed a visitor outside the house feeding on the vegetation along the side of our property.  I grabbed my camera and went out the opposite side of the house.  I moved slowly along the front approaching the corner thinking I was in stealth mode.  I raised my camera to my eye and moved past the corner only to find the deer was now watching me.  A few quick clicks and she was gone into the bush.  She paid us a visit again last night after the sun went down.  I was able to watch her slowly snack on our grass as she moved across the front lawn and then slid quietly into the trees.  The wild life in the area has been very active this week.  We had a small fawn last week and were able to get a glimpse of her recently to see that she is growing up quite fast.  Our cranes arrive about the same time each evening, and the swans are still on the lake.  Enjoy!

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September 2021