Early Morning

Typically, we would be in the middle of the “Biggest Week.”  I am talking about the International Migratory Bird festival held each year in Ottawa County here in Northwest Ohio.  Since these are not typical times, the festival has been cancelled and the Magee Marsh boardwalk and surrounding areas are closed due to COVID-19.  Fortunately, the area Metroparks are still open and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is allowing people on site provided we are social distancing.  In addition, the wildlife drive area at the refuge is still open allowing many of us to seek out the migratory birds and shoot from our cars.  Cars do make a natural blind for photography as long as you don’t scare off the birds.  I took an early morning cruise to the Refuge yesterday morning and found quite a few photo opportunities.  Towards the back of the Refuge I came upon two Sand-hill Cranes foraging among the grassy areas near the water.  I had my long lens in place and was able to spend several minutes photographing these large birds in their habitat.  Since I was out early, there were not that many cars on the drive so I could take my time and not block the trail from other vehicles.  Sand-hill cranes are some of my favorite subjects.  You can find many of them in my Bosque del Apache gallery here on my web site.  Check them out and share on your social media with friends and family, Enjoy!

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January 2022