Elusive Avian Activity

Finishing up my week photographing the bird migration in Northwest Ohio, I found a cool and windy morning out by Lake Erie.  The boardwalk was still packed with people from Birders to Photographers and movement along the walk was a bit restricted.  What really caught my eye was the fact that as a result of all the rain we have been having in the area, the vegetation growth was been quite extensive causing problems in viewing and photographing the birds.  People would point out specific bird species and, although you could see them and identify them, you could not get a good shot.  We found a Green Heron along the shore line searching for food.  A great activity to photograph, but for the vegetation and trees in the area, all I could do was watch and observe the Heron’s behavior.  Green Herons are very beautiful birds and fun to photograph.  I searched back in my archives for an image to show you and found one from my last trip to the Florida Everglades.  Often times we can only watch and see without the camera in our face.  One of the struggles of a nature photographer when Mother Nature has her way.  Enjoy!

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