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Although its been a while since my last post, getting out and photographing during a pandemic can be quite a challenge.  I really enjoy photographing Sand Hill Cranes.  I have been to New Mexico several times working in and around Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge where the Cranes migrate during the colder months.  Recently, most of my images have come from an hour away from my home in Northwest Ohio.  This image is from our lake property in south east Michigan.  I captured a few images of nesting cranes over the past month or so, but last night two cranes found their way into my front yard near the lake.  Since I always have my photo gear handy, I was able to capture a few images before the sun  went down.  Shooting in the evening light just enhances the images of these cranes.  There were two nesting in the area and I think this is the pair that hatched a couple small ones recently.  It realy is interesting when some of your best birding opportunities occur right in your own backyard.  Enjoy!

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December 2021