Moose Hunt

I am back to the great State of Ohio after my recent trip out west to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.  In addition to a few sunrise and sunset pictures, we found many wildlife photo opportunities. Over 13 Moose sightings in our travels throughout the parks.  When driving and looking for wildlife, you only need to see a few cars and trucks gathered along the side of the road to indicate wildlife activities.  Usually the rangers arrive shortly thereafter to manage traffic and protect the onlookers as well as the wildlife itself.  We were driving towards the main gate and found many cars along the side of the road.  We joined the fray and were told that a Bull Moose had been lurking in the area.  We waited only a few moments and he came out from the trees near the water in front of us.  I had my long lens on my camera and soon realized I had too much reach.  A wider angle would have been more appropriate.  I moved back away from the animal to get a better shot and he moved right along with me.  He crossed the road right in front of our vehicle.  He stomped around a bit on the other side then crossed back over to our side and moved down under a bridge behind our car.  I moved quickly across the bridge thinking that he would move that way.  When he did I was able to get this close up portrait shot before he moved back into the trees and away from the crowds.  A wider lens would have been great for a better environmental photograph.  However, the long lens helped in capturing this great portrait of a Bull Moose with full antlers.  Enjoy!

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June 2020