On the Lake

With the better weather arriving recently I have been spending some time Lake Side.  I always try to bring my gear along to see what might suit my fancy.  The lake is quite populated with water lilies right now but it is a challenge to get close enough for a nice composition.  The dragon flies however are a different story.  Along the shore of our property are large areas of vegetation.  Often times these areas are visited by the many species of dragon flies found in similar places along the waterfront in Ohio and Michigan.

Normally, I would carry my macro lens with me and get close to these flies to get the best composition as I can.  But our area is such that the water does not allow me to get as close to the flies as I want with a macro lens, so I use reach into my gear bag for an alternative.  The above image was caught using and extremely long lens (300mm) and a 1.4x teleconverter.  I like the reach of this combination and use it a lot for my bird photography.  With the dragon flies it allows me to get a close up shot while also keeping the background a little out of focus to highlight the main subject which is the dragon fly.  Knowing the types of lenses at your disposal and the effect they can have on the images you capture is essential to a great picture.  Know your gear and experiment with the various lenses you have to learn their capabilities and how each one might give you the shot you are looking for.  Enjoy!


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June 2020