On the Way Home.

As we left South Florida for the drive north, I squeezed in a stop back at Ding Darling for a morning shoot.  I found many Pelicans, White Ibis, and Cormorants.  I grabbed some shots as the sun was rising and will post a few in the coming days.  I packed away all my gear and prepared to leave the refuge for the long day of driving.  As we wound our way to the exit, I spotted this Anhinga perched in a tree watching for a potential meal.  In addition, there were several Great Blue Herons also standing by with their eye on the water.  I quickly opened my pack, grabbed my tripod and slowly moved to the edge of the water.  Several clicks later and I was very happy for that last minute photo opp.  I was hoping to see this bird diving in the water for some food, but he was not cooperating and time was an essence as the sun was climbing into the morning sky.  The lesson for the day is always keep your eyes open for potential images.  You never know when one might sneak up on you while you are in a hurry to get on the road. Enjoy!

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January 2022