Parent and Child

I seem to be captivated by Sand Hill Cranes recently. We have several pairs near our home in Michigan.  Usually early morning and late afternoon to the evening is when they return to the lake for respite.  Previously I posted some images of the cranes as they nested near the shore.  We did not see the young one after they left the nest, so we thought they might have lost it.  But two nights ago, while trans-versing the lake, we saw the three cranes along the shore line.  The first night I was without my camera so we went back last evening and found them in the same place.  This images shows the male and the juvenile together in the weeds.  Capturing the mother along with them was difficult as she was a bit farther away.  Since the virus keeps us closer to home, I am glad to be fortunate to have the wildlife come knocking on my door.  Some of you best photographs can be taken right outside your door, or near your neighborhood.  So grab your camera, go for a walk, and see what you can find in your area of the world.  Enjoy!

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July 2022