Shore Birds Galore

Spending time at the lake takes a little pressure off the confines of quarantine from CoVid-19.  In addition to all of the deer, muskrats, and ground hogs walking through our property, there are many shore birds calling the area around the lake their home.  The Sand hill Cranes seem to arrive on the lake about the same time every evening while the Great Blue Herons can bee seen throughout the day and on into the night.  Photographing from a floating pontoon boat on the lake is often a challenge for focusing on your subject.  As the sun goes down it becomes even more difficult so we try to get out on the lake during the late afternoon in hopes of capturing these birds in the golden light of evening time.  Since we share the lake with so many other people, the boat traffic often times send the birds off in various directions.  We try to be as quiet as possible to get close and a long lens on my camera helps to isolate the bird in my viewfinder.  I can’t use a tripod so good hand holding techniques are essential to capture these images in a sharp focus.  all of these factors lend themselves to challenging photo opportunities, the proof is in the results.  More to come I am sure, Enjoy!

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January 2022