Spirit Bears of British Columbia

One of things that I found in my travels is the fact that you come across some interesting people.  Whether they are students, Workshop Leaders, or just people in the area, they can be entertaining and fun to be with.  Back in 2009 I was traveling with a few of my friends from across the country.  Our destination was the Great Bear Rain Forest located along the coast of British Columbia.  We were traveling on a sailboat and working our way through the many coastal water ways looking for Spirit Bears, a rare type of bear found in the islands along the western coast of Canada.  The above image is one that we found on a small island where we stopped in search of Spirit Bear activity.  The trip was back in 2009, ten years ago.  The reason I am posting this image is because one of those characters I found in my travels is Kevin Pepper.  Kevin was our guide when we went to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories to photograph the Northern Lights.  Kevin has a workshop company and just recently posted some images of Spirit Bears as he is leading a workshop among them.  Kevin’s web site can be found here.

There are many different types of photographic workshops to be found on the world wide web.  I have had the pleasure of traveling with many of these folks over the years.  Kevin Pepper is one of those characters who travels near and far in efforts to provide education and photo opportunities to his clients.  Check out his web site and follow him on Facebook.  Its fun to see what some of these people are up to and may entice you to follow your dreams and travel to some fun and exciting places to expand your photographic endeavors.  Enjoy!

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