The Biggest Week

Here we are in the Biggest week in American Birding.  I have been spending some time out at Magee Marsh where many of the migratory birds congregate prior to making the long trek across Lake Erie on their way to Canada.  There are many species of birds coming through.  As many of our friends here in Northwest Ohio, we have been experiencing some rainy weather and some windy days.  I have been to the Marsh on some days to find many birding opportunities while others are not so good.  When the insects are high up in the trees, so are the birds and then they are hard to photograph.  But patience is needed and return trips are required to capture the best birding along the lake during “The Biggest Week.”  The first image above is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  There were quite a few of these flying around the other day and many were within reach of my glass.  The image below was taken on my first day at the Marsh.  It is a American Red Start and there are just a few of these about over the last few days.  There are still many days left before the birds depart for Canada and I hope to spend a few more days watching their activities.  Enjoy!

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